Paladin Campaign Success in UK

Congratulations to Paladin for their hard work and campaigning. See their website to see what they have achieved.

Whilst we welcome the consultation on stalking to protect victims of stalking it is important that there is a register for serial perpetrators and that there are new orders that place a positive obligation on them to change their behaviour, just like sex offenders.

Laura Richards, Founder and Director of Paladin, National Stalking Advocacy Service:

“We have been campaigning for stalkers to be proactively identified, tracked and managed by the police and over 124 000 people have signed our petition for the register and new orders.

Currently there is no existing framework to do this. Instead police rely on victims to report multiple crimes and often it is the victim who is forced to modify and change their behaviour, flee their homes and disappear themselves to stay safer online and offline. This needs to change and the focus must be on the perpetrator – the stalker. This must be included if we are to better protect victims of stalking and shift the focus to the perpetrator”

Sarah Conor