Am I being stalked?

If you feel fear any time you receive unwanted or unexpected contact, in any form, this is a sign that something is not normal. 

Typical Stalking Behaviour includes:

  • refusing to leave you alone after you repeatedly request they do so
  • making continuous unwanted phone calls from withheld numbers
  • sending constant unwanted texts, letters or e-mails, and the stalker re-creating email addresses to by-pass blocking
  • constantly following or spying on an individual using the internet and/or in person
  • asking questions about you from acquaintances that do not know you are being stalked, including taxi drivers, shop keepers, colleagues, locals in the community
  • showing up at your places of work, without invitation or legitimate reason
  • making many “drive-bys” or walking past your house when it is out of the way
  • waiting for you in places they expect you to socialise in, or drive/walk past, including shops if they know your routine
  • leaving you unwanted items, cards, presents, or flowers
  • intimidates and follows friends, and family, including children
  • defames or spreads rumours about your character, through social media, or gossip
  • creates fictitious characters to cyber stalk or appear as a potential work client, or social media friend
  • sends malicious emails/letters to anyone who will listen including employers
  • is likely to have a previous criminal history and/or registered within the mental health system
  • may have a drug or alcohol addiction
  • can threaten suicide to manipulate a meeting
  • can go as far as revenge porn using indecent images and / or photo-shop image
  • is still talking about an ex lover or person more than a year following their split, or rift, in an unhealthy manner, being malicious and making it into something other than a broken relationship
  • is making false, vexatious allegations to third parties, and can include the police, social services, or other agencies to cause further distress and deflect from their behaviour being exposed.